Vertical gardens, of course.

This has to be one of the most loved trends of all times. More and more buildings are showing their living green façades around the world. We love the way large cities are daring to break the grey cement with some touches of colour, so simple and yet so beautiful. Vertical gardens are one the easiest and most decorative ways of adding fresh air into our homes with all the benefits of living plants.

Different options for different functions

It is important to know the functions our garden has to fulfill, such as refreshing certain areas, reducing stress, providing moisture, contributing to a cleaner environment and a greener planet.

Outdoor and indoor vertical gardens

Adding a touch of green to our façades will be something that everyone, including visitors and passers-by, will appreciate. Outdoor vertical gardens are a great way to liven up streets and to provide plush green areas for everyone to enjoy. Vertical gardens inside the house in lieu of traditional plant pots are a different and original way off adding plants to our decoration. Whatever the space we want to decorate vertical gardens are a great option.

Vegetation and architecture

Merging vegetation and architecture is always fascinating and this type of gardening lets us help the environment because it requires little to no care, water or energy. Making sure that we have a suitable installation to avoid humidities is of the utmost importance for any type of vertical garden, indoors or outdoors. Choosing the correct plants based on our climate zone and making sure they are correctly planted are also tasks that are better left to professionals.

Do you want a wonderful garden on one of your walls?

We can make your dream come true and bring joy to your life in a colourful and natural way, providing you with our experience in designing and installing vertical gardens adapted to your aesthetic and functional requirements. In order to achieve the maximum environmental benefits, we use specific systems to optimize the entire process from water storage to air cooling.