Upgrade your off grid power system

aisladasLet the sun be the main generator of electricity and let your generator play a secondary role. Photovoltaic solar solutions for a grid independent energy supply.   

One of the virtues of Ibiza are the houses and businesses scattered around  the countryside which give Ibiza its special flare, however many of these are still not connected to the electricity grid and many still rely on diesel generators, this  being the most popular solution then and even now. This solution is not feasible anymore; the rising prices of fuel, transport cost and the uncomfortable manipulation of diesel or gas are things that are becoming more and more of an important deterrent factor. This in not to mention the noise and the heavy negative impact on our environment.

Terravita proposes for all those house or Business owners that still rely on diesel generators for to make a change of the energy model leaving the generator to play a secondary role giving the protagonist to photovoltaic energy.

In most cases the generator and batteries can be built into energy generation system only having to integrate the solar energy elements with a SMA central computer called a Sunny Island by SMA that not only allows us to have a smaller battery bank but also assures us with an uninterrupted electricity supply. The Sunny Island system has revolutionized off grid energy systems with its reliability and the way it manages the different energy sources.

The idea is to change the concept of how off grid systems have been built until now. We no longer have to destine the solar production to charge batteries. The solar energy production can go directly to the house loads in 400/230V, 50 Hz and only the excess energy is used to  charge the batteries. Many of the off grid energy systems that are function today are obsolete and the electricity generated either by the generator or the solar system passes directly to the batteries and from the batteries it goes to the house or business loads. This makes the batteries the real Achilles heel of these systems shortening their life span to a few years.

The batteries take up a significant part of the investment in these systems. It is for this reason that Terravita, and in order to protect the batteries propose this new configuration for off grid systems. This enables us to give a 15 year warrant on the batteries.

The savings in fuel, the reliability of an un uninterrupted power supply and the extended life of the batteries are three strong arguments in favour of this set up and is the reason for which Terravita is set on modernizing and optimizing the existing off grid electricity system the island.

Added to this, we would like highlight that these installations are scalable, that is to say that they can be upgraded/extended and one can increase the power of the solar generator thereby bring down the diesel expense. The provides the owners of an off grid system with an interesting option to upgrade his/her system on a yearly basis based upon the economic possibilities, always aiming at a cero fossil fuel consumption and a 100% solar electricity supply.

Please call or write to us. We will assess you in saving in fossil fuels until no more of these bills are in your letter box.