The Balearic Government modifies its subsidy plan to include grants totalling 1.35 Million Euros for renewable energies

The Consell de Govern agreed this past Friday (Agu,2013), following a proposal of the Conselleria de Hacienda y Presupuestos, to modify the strategic plan on subsidies and to include three new grant lines destined to promote renewable energies in the height of 1.35 Million euros.

subvencionesThis information was delivered by the Governs spokesperson Nuria Riera, who stated in the posterior press conference that the call falls within the Governs efforts to increase the presence and use of renewable energies on the Balearic Islands.

Within this effort to promote renewable energies, one has to highlight the petition of the Balearic Government to the Central Government the need to establish a special payment incentive for renewable energies on the Balearic Islands. A petition that has reaped some reward as the Central government has committed itself to pass an according law which is imminent.

The objective of this special set of rules is to make these energies more profitable on the islands and to stimulate investments in this field.

In short, the new grant lines which are included in the plan belong to the Direccion general de Industria and the Energia de la Conselleria de Economia y Competividad who destined these to encourage the installation of solar photovoltaic energy for own consumption in local administrations (500,000€) and in companies (700,000€), and also to promote wind energy for own use in public buildings (157.000 €).

In the three cases, the expectation is to increase the electrical generation capacity of renewable energies, reduce the energetic costs and to foment economical activity.

Another of the initiatives of the Govern is the installation of solar modules on administrative buildings, for example educational centres or the headquarters of the Conselleria de Economia y Competividad.

In reference to this information the IB3 television talked to Terravita Renovables about some of their installations on Ibiza which appeared on the news.

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