Terravita Renovables installs an air conditioning and domestic hot water system in Menorca based on 100% renewable energies.

Campo solar FV_2The installation was switched on the 7th of June with excellent results. The house owners bet upon renewable energies without sacrificing comfort.  The objective was achieved; comfort above all, a very good thermal response due to the good house insulation, an even heat* distribution thanks to the use of an under floor heating/cooling system, and last but not least a reliable control system of not only the air temperature within the building, but also of the humidity.

Instead of the use of fan coils, dehumidifiers were installed; five in total, which maintained a neutral air temperature. After the switch on, an ambience of maximum comfort was achieved. The installation was observed for 17 days and the results are impressing. The combination of a solar power and aerothermal power was a good decision.

For example, on Saturday the 18th of June at 11.30 the outgoing water temperature of the DAIKIN machine was 15ºC and the average air temperature throughout the house was 19º with a humidity of 50%, the exterior temperature being at the same moment 32º C with a humidity of 83%. This is comfort and economy, because at the same time the accumulated consumption of the aerothermal heat pump was 52 kWh and the solar production of the solar generator 119 kW**, this proves the high efficiency of the heat generator (heat pump), a high distribution efficiency of heat and water, and, most important, a solar electricity surplus to feed other circuits such as the pool, washing machine etc.

Installation stages carried out by Terravita Renovables:

1-      5 kW of solar photovoltaic energy was installed for instant consumption, see photos.

2-      An aerothermal DAIKIN ALTHERA EBHQ014BB6V3 heat pump of 14 kW of solar thermal power was installed. The unit was installed to supply heating, air conditioning and domestic hot water (ACS).

3-      A consumption optimizer called a Sunny Home Manager was installed which accentuates the consumption of the house during the hours of sun and diminishes the consumption during the evening. Furthermore it hinders excess energy produced by the solar generator to go into the public grid by means of a Sunny Power Control. On the other hand the Sunny Home Manager controls the use of the heat pump so it is only used during sun hours, from 9.00 to 21.00 hours.

4-       An independent  electrical metre was installed which only measures the kWh that the heat pump (BC) consumes, this allows us to compare the heat pump consumption with the energy produced by the solar generator.

5-      A great number of test were successfully carried out  on the temperature control system and the house humidity.

In short, another Terravita Renevables success story of the many installations offered to its clients. If you are interested in heating and cooling your house using 100% free energy with maximum comfort do not hesitate to get in contact with use. We will guide you and find the best solution for your house or business.

*Heat = form of energy that transfers energy between different bodies that have distinct temperatures, therefore heat and temperature is different.

** Kilowatt hour (kWh) = energy consumption unit in which the domestic electricity consumption is normally billed. It is the equivalent of the energy used by a one Kilowatt (kW) electrical appliance being used for one hour.