Terravita provides you with energy efficient solutions in air conditioning for your house.

Bomba_CalorTerravita are specialists in planning and installing energy efficient solutions using the latest Technologies from DAIKIN. 

The revolution in world of air conditioning is called Daikin Altherma. All year round heating, cooling and domestic hot water integrated into one system.

Between 66 and 80% of the heat produced by the system comes from the surrounding air and is therefore free. Daikin Altherma offers an efficiency of 400%, whereas an oil boiler has an efficiency of 85%, a conventional gas boiler 89% or a condensation gas boiler 107%.

It can be installed in new builds, as in refurbishments with minimal installation costs.

The energy is in the air

The air-to-water Daikin Altherma heat pump uses a sustainable energy source. In fact, it extracts heat from the outsider air. The system consists of a closed circuit system containing a refrigerant. A thermodynamic cycle is created through evaporation, condensation, compression and expansion. A heat pump “pumps” heat from a low to a high temperature level. The heat raised is transferred to the water distribution system (under floor heating, low temperature radiators and/or fan coil units) in the home via a heat exchanger.

Depending on the model and the conditions, a Daikin Altherma air-to-water heat pump delivers between 3 and 5 kWh of usable heat for every 1 kWh of electricity is uses. This implies that 2/3 of the heat needed to warm your home is totally free.  Let us take this a step further; if that electrical kilowatt needed by the heat pump is generated by another renewable energy source such as solar photovoltaic power, our home would become 100% renewable and 100% free.

A heat pump has a heating efficiency 5 times superior to a traditional heating system based upon fossil fuel or electrical energy. This revolutionary system takes advantage of the heat in the air outside to reduce our energy consumption providing a pleasant and warm indoor comfort. At the same time, maintenance is minimal which helps in reducing the operational costs. And thanks to the inverter technology the savings in energy is even higher.

On the other hand, heat pumps do not use oil, gas or any other dangerous substance and therefore the risk of manipulating such products is non existent. At the same time, no gas connection or oil tank is needed. In short: cero risk of intoxication, bad smells or possible contamination because of tank leaks.

Aero thermal heat pumps in Terravita

Please drop off at Terravita and check for yourself first-hand, the efficiency of the aero thermal heat pump that is air conditioning our offices. The distribution of heat and cold is carried out by our under floor heating/cooling system giving us and ideal all year round temperature at a minimum price. Ideas that you can apply to your house.  For more info please get in contact with us.