Subsidies for existing hotels and houses for improvements in energy efficiency.

ayudas_subvencionesWith the objective to improve energy efficiency and the use of renewable energies in existing buildings, the minister of Industria through the “Instituto para la diversificacion y Ahorro de la energia” (IDEA) has put in motion a programme with a budget of 125 Million euros in subsidies.

Terravita will advise and guide you through all the necessary steps to obtain a subsidy. At the same time we offer our services to carry out all the improvements that are legible for the subsidy, such as; house insulation, improvements in solar thermal installation and lighting and the implementation of Biomass.  Which improvements are legible for a subsidy and in which modality? 1. House insulation. Subsidy without refund and refundable loan. 2.  Improvements in solar thermal installations and lighting (refundable loan) 3. Substitution of conventional energy systems with Biomass (refundable loan). 4. Substitution of conventional energy systems with geothermal energy. Who is legible to benefit from this programme? a. The owner or company of the building. b.  Owners of a property that is integrated into a community (comunidad de propietarios). c.   Household owners, or sole owners of an apartment blocks. d. . Companies that offer energy services. Conditions of refundable loan? Interest rate: Euribor + 0,0 % To be paid back within 12 years What is the date deadline to apply for the subsidy?  Applications to be handed in before the 30th of October 2015 MORE INFORMATION Phone: 971 33 82 02 Ext 3. email info@terravitarenovables.com or IDAE