Solar heat pump, the perfect combination

The combination of air-water heat pumps with solar energy enables an upgrading of any solar heating solution to a complete and almost fully renewable system covering 100% of the energy demand for hot water and heating, where houses become nearly totally energy self-sufficient. The combination of solar thermal energy with an air-water heat pump eliminates the need for any additional backup heating and is the ideal solution for housing where cooling is as important as heating. Thanks to the technological components and the use of modulating compressors and fan units this combination offers an outstanding efficiency covering the energy demand of the housing with a maximum use of renewable energy. In this way this combination covers the 100% of the hot water, heating and cooling demand by way of free and renewable energy from the sun and air. How it works In combinated systems solar panels heat up a buffer tank where the upper part is used as hot water storage. A fresh water module uses this water to generate hot water for domestic use while the remaining energy in the buffer tank is used for heating the house. The heat pump is only used when there is not enough solar energy to fulfill the heat demand of the building providing only the energy that is really required.   Advantages These combined solutions make the house much more energy efficient which saves money on a daily basis since they provide hot water and heating all year round without need for any additional or backup system. The energy rating of the house improves considerably resulting in a higher value of the house. Using solar energy emits zero carbon dioxide and combining a solar thermal solution with a heat pump contributes even more to reduce CO2 emissions contributing to the greenhouse gas effect. Another advantage when combining solar thermal energy with a heat pump is the energy independence it provides, minimising the dependency on other energy sources, reducing the dependency on fossil fuels, increasing prices and future scarce supply. If you’re looking for a complete solution with maximum energy efficiency and sustainability that covers your house’s hot water and heating demand, this is the perfect combination.