Villa Sant Carles

The relaxed setting of this country finca has been upgraded with the utmost care in an informal and beautiful style. Climbing perennials soften the strong stonewalls adding romanticism to an outdoor sitting area next to a contrasting row of trees. On another corner a wooden table and seat on stone patio floors is given much needed summer shade by the mature fig tree.

Immediately around the property a wild garden of rocks, cacti, agaves and tender rock plants play with the olive trees, granting the space a typical Mediterranean flavour and requiring practically no upkeep at all.

By the pool a lush lining of lavender bushes is enhanced by traces of reds and whites while an irregular mixture of plants in terracotta pots gives an extra touch of charm to the wooden seat by the pool.

A mature climbing bougainvillea lends a splash of bright summer pink to the property walls.

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