Villa Roca Llisa

The villa’s neatly designed informal sitting area, spread over two closely connected levels, is a personal and secluded corner that is really for relaxing. It is framed by the pink-blooming ice plant scrambling all over the old stonewalls, the lush oleander bush that grows so well independent of care, yucca shrubs, pine trees. When the succulents bloom the garden dresses in carpets of intense pink over natural rock.

A formal outdoor-dining and sitting area was artfully crafted by building a modern stonewall with a fantastic see-through factor in the middle, columns, a course pergola and wooden beams. Further enhancing the feeling of an outdoor real living room are the L-shaped built-in sofas. A truly Mediterranean space for entertaining and living in great style!

Yet nothing can equal the freshness of a fountain splashing freely into the infinity swimming pool from which to imbibe pure Ibiza country views. The strong rock structures lined with delicate climbers making the most of contrasting elements.

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