Villa Jesús

Garden concept

For this garden, the concept was inspired by the surroundings, creating a soft and natural landscape at harmony within its context. 

Main entrance

A circular access route was created in front of the house. A wavy field of evergreen species with a variety of green tones seamlessly integrates with nature. Planter beds placed opposite one another in the main entrance provide symmetry and balance to the composition. At ground level, a long rectangular water feature gives the space a feeling of expansion. From the entrance, facing west, one can enjoy the orange-red sunset in the reflection of the rippling water. Demarcating the house entrance stands a pair of tall, column-like, evergreen trees. They are surrounded at their base by a bed of purple and yellow-flowering shrubs adding contrast to the green tones. The natural landscape was enhanced by planting native species amongst the pine forest. 

House, terrace and pool area

The terrace has a touch of tropical freshness with lush, green species in a variety of heights, forms and textures. A triple-date palm, used as an accent point, adds height to the terrace space. A deep blue flowering shrub blends the powder blue of the sky and the watery blue of the pool. 

Sunbeds placed at the poolside, and a large sofa-daybed in an upper area, invite you to sunbathe and lounge during hot summer days.

Summer-flowering trees in front of pool

The planting scheme is unified by blending beautiful summer flowering trees with sculptural palm trees. The summer-flowering trees we proposed will bloom in fuchsia, pink and yellow tones. As base-planting we also proposed 'Nerium oleander' in fuchsia and pink shades, which will flower from springtime until the autumn. Walking in the warm sunshine through this refreshing field of colour and scent will delight, surprise and lift your soul. 


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