Stand Alone Power System 20 kW

80 photovoltaic solar modules provide 100% renewable and free electricity to the owner of the villa who confided in renewable energies and now observes with great satisfaction the reliability of the solar system that was switched on the past 24th of July, 2013.The owner of the installation has reason to be tranquil. He acquired his very own three phased electrical grid of 400/230V tension and a frequency of 50 Hz, which can hold peak loads of up to 55 kW. The grid gets its energy from a 20 KW solar field that covers the electrical demand and at the same time can store sufficient energy in an extraordinary battery bank capable of storing 162,24 kWh disposable in 10 hours. The peace of mind is complete when the owner of the installation can accede to his installation via a computer or his mobile from anywhere in the world, to verify and control the functioning of his installation, the data of the solar production, the consumption and the amount of accumulated energy: all in real time.
80 módulos fotovoltaicos que proveen electricidad cien por ciento renovable y gratuita al dueño de este chalet que ha apostado por las renovables y que observa con satisfacción la fiabilidad del sistema de electricidad solar que se ha puesto en marcha. El dueño de la vivienda tiene motivos para estar tranquilo. Ha adquirido una red eléctrica propia, trifásica, de tensión 400/230V y frecuencia 50Hz, que admite consumos pico de hasta 55 kW. La red toma como fuente de energía un campo solar fotovoltaico de 20 kW nominales que cubrirá la demanda eléctrica y al mismo tiempo acumulará suficiente energía en un extraordinario banco de baterías con una capacidad de almacenamiento de 162,24 kWh disponibles en 10 horas.

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