Terravita construye / Terravita renovables:

Terravita was commissioned to do a complete refurbishment of an old finca, nestled in the countryside near the village of San José.  Julian, co-founder of Terravita and CEO of the Terravita building company, rubbed his hands together in anticipation, as this kind of project was his forte. 

Having lived in fincas on the island for most of his life, and having built one for himself, he relishes projects like Can Bernat. With his in-depth knowledge of traditional techniques, the property underwent a substantial transformation. Using traditional building materials such as lime mortar and in some cases employing very modern building techniques, the team brought the finca even beyond its former glory.

A comfortable, dry, energy-efficient finca is no longer a utopia - it is something that can we can create, and have proven we are able to create.



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