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Maximum efficiency within a small space

6The owners of the finca had the firm proposition of generating the maximum amount of power using the least square metre space possible; this being the only available space they had to generate solar energy. That was how they decide to opt for the efficient solar module Electronic NeoN made by LG, that although having the same dimensions as a 230 W model has a nominal power of 290 W; i.e. an extra 60 Watts using the same amount of space was achieved. 

The installation consists of 16 solar photovoltaic modules of 290 Watts each inclined at an angle of 20º, comprising a solar generator of 4.64 kW that can produce a total of 7,060 kWh for the house over a year.

As the system was conceived on a modular bases, and thinking about scalability, a more powerful solar inverter was installed: a Sunny Tripower 8000 that can handle the extension of the solar generator until the point of being able to convert 12,200 kWh/year.

1 The owners of the installation believe in renewable energies and now have the opportunity to verify first-hand the efficiency and reliability of generating solar energy with their own installation that at the same time gives them energy autonomy.