Invisible air conditioning: radiant floor heating and cooling; easy, fast and now possible for refurbishments

suelo_radiante_3Terravita proposes to live with an ideal all year round temperature, without brusque temperature changes, no hot or cold air currents, and all at a minimum running cost. This saving is also possible for house owners that wish to undertake a small refurbishment.

Hand in hand with Uponor, Terravita has demonstrated the success of under floor heating and cooling systems on the island of Ibiza in various installations.

suelo_radiante_1Terravita installs this invisible heating/cooling system which consists of a series of tubes integrated into the floor or ceiling, forming circuits through which water circulates with the necessary temperature to yield heat of cold depending on the time of year.  The water is impelled at a temperature of 40ºC in winter and 16ºC in summer creating a comfortable atmosphere without air movement.  

Apart from good, now even easier with the new self fixing system. 

Apart from the high effectiveness and efficiency of radiant floors, Uponor has made things even easier with an exclusive fastening system, an original system which allows total liberty in the design of the floor circuits.

suelo_radiante_4The novel system consists of a special panel with a fibre coating and an EvalPex tube with an anti oxygen diffusion protection film and a sticking tape running along its length. This way, it is only necessary to unit the panel and the tube so that they are connected without the use of any tools.

Together with the advantage of a fast installation, the flat panel concept, apart from the liberty in design, allows us to reduce the distance between the tubes to compensate the possible losses in areas like the windows or doors.

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Mini Refurbishments

The Uponor mini system is ideal for a partial refurbishment where one wants to substitute the old radiators for a new under floor radiant system with a height of only 15 mm. The system allows us to preserve the existing radiators throughout the house and substitute only the radiator of the room to be refurbished without touching the distribution tubes of the existing system.

The Uponor mini system is a low temperature distribution system for residential and non residential buildings. It is layed on top of the existing floor and covered with a self levelling mortar. The heat can be provided with the existing hot water heating system.

If you are thinking of installing an efficient heating system for you house, business or room; for instance the living room or bathroom, do no hesitate in contacting us.