Energy efficiency certificates are now obligatory

imagen_oficialThe current RD 47/2007 decree was passed to enforce the energetic classification of all new builds or refurbishments. Now, as of the 1st of June it is also obligatory to carry out this classification with existing buildings.

What is the Energy Efficiency Certificate?

An Energy efficiency certificate consists in the classification of a building according to its energy demand and the CO2 emissions; that is to say the energy consumption required to obtain comfortable living conditions and its carbon footprint.

This grading runs from G; high energy demand and therefore higher CO2 emissions, to A; low energy demand therefore a lower carbon footprint.

This certificate provides the owner/user with a  better knowledge of the buildings installations and suggests improvements that one can carry out to improve the energy grade. That is to say, the house or building is not only graded with an efficiency energy label, but a report is also submitted with the improvements one can do to upgrade the energy efficiency level, which in turn will save money on electricity and gas bills. These suggested improvements are not obligatory but the energy labeling of the house or building is.

The certificate is valid for 10 years.

The Spanish government has launched financial measures to help improve energy efficiency in buildings. This aid/subsidy is set at 2000 € (5000 € for energy savings of over 50%) and can be granted if; your house was built before 1981, is a residential building and is the place of regular residence. This subsidy is for thermal insulation and the installation of more efficient HVAC systems such as biomass or geothermal energy.


Who is obliged to obtain this certificate?

If you have a house or property and you are thinking to sell or rent (for more than 4 months per year), then as of the 1st of June, 2013 you have to present an energy efficiency certificate upon the signing of your rental or selling contract. Furthermore the energy classification (A, B, C, D, E, F, or G) must  appear in all real estate advertizing. One of the objectives of this certificate is to be able to evaluate and  compare buildings, i.e. will the running costs be high for the buyer/renter or even owner.

This certificate is also obligatory for all new builds, refurbishments or buildings that are more than 50 years old.

How Terravita can help you?

Terravita can, not only evaluate and grade your house or business but will also produce a report recommending  improvements. Furthermore we handle  the administrative processes in order to obtain the energy efficiency certificate from the authorities.  This way you have an energy efficiency certificate, a report with suggested improvements and a classification label in order to sell or rent. The certificate could increase the value of you property or simply let you know the energetic  demand of your house.

If you already had a refurbishment in mind use the opportunity to make improvements to save energy of your house or property at the same time. Terravita has a wide range of solutions to help you to reduce your energy consumption.

Don’t forget, by saving energy you not only save money and help the environment but also increase the value of your house.